Your Voice Askern

Communications and Engagement

‘Views and opinions of people living and working in Askern help make Askern a better place to Live, Work and Play.’

This is a new committee, set up following the election in May, and in response to residents’ concerns that they don’t know what Askern Town Council does. We want to improve communication with our residents, we want to listen to your views, and involve you in decision making.

We are currently seeking views on the Communications and Engagement Committee Plan. Use the enquiry form to let us know what you think, or come along to one of our meetings.


Askern Goes Green

Environment and Sustainability

‘Askern is a town that people are proud to live and work in.’

This is a new committee, set up following the election in May to address issues raised by residents, such as littering and dog fouling. We want to improve the look and feel of Askern and make our town a desirable place to live and work. We also want to reduce our carbon footprint and work together to tackle climate change.

We are currently working on the Environmental and Sustainability Committee Plan. Use the enquiry form to let us know what you think, or come along to one of our meetings.


Draft proposed Terms of Reference


Alexander House, High Street, Askern

Doncaster, DN6 0AB

Tel: (01302) 707252

Email: admin@askerntowncouncil.gov.uk

Website: www.askerntowncouncil.gov.uk



Your Voice Askern’ Communication and Engagement Committee




  • Membership of the Communication and Engagement Committee will be decided at the Annual Town Council meeting each year.
  1. The Communication and Engagement Committee shall be subject to a quorum of three of its members.




  • The chairperson of the Communications and Engagement Committee will be elected by the committee at its first meeting annually.
  • The vice-chair of the Communications and Engagement Committee will be elected by the committee at its first meeting annually.




  • All meetings of the Communications and Engagement Committee will be convened in accordance with Askern Town Council’s Standing Orders.
  • Meetings will be minuted by a clerical officer or a member of the committee.



The communications and engagement committee shall be empowered to:

  • Authorise expenditure provided such expenditure is:
    • Consistent with the responsibilities and areas of operation of the Communications and Engagement Committee, and
    • Within the budget set for Communications and Engagement as part of the Council’s overall budget or within any additional budget for Communications and Engagement authorised by full council during the course of the financial year. The amount decided is £5000.


  • To act on behalf of Askern Town Council in respect of any issues relating to Communications and Engagement, which includes communications and engagement, events, environmental and sustainability matters, and allotment matters.




  • The purpose of this Committee is to organise an annual calendar of events, and to provide direction for officers, councillors and volunteers in the planning, organisation and evaluation of these events.


Communication and Engagement


  • To develop and execute a comprehensive communication and engagement strategy to ensure the residents of Askern are aware of the work of Askern Town Council and can contribute fully. Including but not limited to:
  • Askern Town Council Website
  • Social Media
  • Council newsletter
  • Engagement opportunities


  • To ensure the views of residents are sought in respect of activities undertaken by Askern Town Council. Including those undertaken by other committees.


  • To develop links with other groups in Askern to identify opportunities for joint work for the benefit of residents. Including but not limited to:
  • GP’s, pharmacies, and other health services
  • Community groups
  • Schools

Environmental and Sustainability Matters

  • To research, share and adopt best practice on environmental issues including proposing ways in which the Council can foster an increased awareness of environmental issues within Askern and support the principles of environmental sustainability and an ethical society, working to keep public places clean and safe.


  • To support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill by monitoring, advising, and promoting environmental matters in line with the goals of the Town Council’s Environmental and Sustainability Policy. This will be done by the sharing of ideas and expertise to implement changes which reduce the Council’s impact on the Environment.


  • To support projects and environmental groups within Askern which contribute to the development and wellbeing of the community, including supporting the work of voluntary sporting and leisure organisations within the town.


  • To work with the appropriate authority (namely DMBC) to provide safe, healthy, and timely opportunities for recreation, leisure, and education, and to provide, improve and maintain local open spaces.


 Allotments – situated on Alfred Road, Askern, Doncaster DN6 0PZ.

  • To consider and make decisions on any matters affecting the allotments.


  • To make recommendations on an annual basis (no later than February) to the Town Council of any change to tenancy fees.


  • To approve or comment upon actions taken and reported by the Town Clerk on allotment matters.


  • To carry out the annual Risk Assessment and bring to the attention of the Town Council any identified health and safety risks.


  • To manage all aspects of allocating allotments, including maintaining the waiting list in a strict chronological order, carrying out site visits with prospective tenants in order to identify all plots and boundaries.


  • To identify cases where tenancy agreements, policies or rules are not being observed and follow procedure for non-compliance.


Other activities as agreed by the communications and engagement committee.

The Communications and Engagement committee is responsible for developing an action plan with clear timescales to reflect areas of work.

The committee will ensure residents views are gathered when developing the above action plan.


Four times a year, to be reviewed every 3 months.


All committee members will respect and adhere to Askern Town Council’s policies and procedures paying particular attention to its Media Policy.



These may be set up for specific time-limited tasks as required. Clear guidelines to be agreed in writing by the working party and the Committee, including:

  1. a) Purpose of working party
  2. b) Time scale for objectives to be achieved
  3. c) Membership
  4. d) Resources needed and point of contact within the Committee for queries between meetings
  5. e) Risk assessment copy to be given to working party


Date agreed:

Date for review: