Mayor Cheri Bennett

Mayor Cheri Bennett

I have lived in Askern all of my life and am married to a local man, Neil Bennett.  I’ve worked in a local school now for over 20 years, my position being School Business Manager, this is a school that I also attended as a child as did my 3 daughters and now my granddaughters.

I was elected to the town council in May 2021, I have a lot to learn about council work and I’m very grateful for the knowledge of the more experienced councillors.  I’m proud to represent the people of the town, and believe it is important to engage and listen to the views of residents to improve our area.

Ward Councillors

Austin White

Tel: (01302) 700705
Email: austen.White@doncaster.gov.uk

Iris Beech

Tel: (01302) 700084
Email: Iris.Beech@doncaster.gov.uk

Thomas Noon

Tel: 07535562380
Email: Thomas.noon@doncaster.gov.uk